Speaking Walls

About the Project: Pune as a Smart Cultural City

A collaboration between the Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune Biennale Foundation, professional artists, art students and school children, this project aims to build a community of aesthetic citizens who are aware of the rich heritage and fascinating stories that this city has to narrate.

"I have so much knowledge produced within me. But my facades seem neglected... as if a wall is enough to keep knowledge confined", lamented the Pune University wall.

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Armament Colony Wall

Name of wall: Armament Colony Wall

Name of artist/s: Vrishali Vaidya, Ashwini Bhosale and Payal Thak (students of SNDT College)

No. of participants: 22 students

Painted length of wall: 160ft

Height: 5ft

Total area: 800sq ft.

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Prakriti by Sujata Dharap

The mural is called PRAKRITI the duality Sujata sees in nature, it's ever changing ephemeral quality, where change is the only constant and it's consistent constant cycles of seasons that have been expressed in this image. This balance in nature, it's beauty and the power to coexist is intriguing for me and it's that truth that she tries to seek. 

The wall was created under the Guidance of Artist Sujata Dharap with 10 of her art students, along with 12 of Bharati School students between the age group 13-15.

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Jedhe College Wall

As a contribution to the Pune Speaking Walls project IGA Open Studio worked with a target group of children from the Ekalavya Nyasa Trust, Pune. The IGA team partnered with these young artists through a workshop and onsite activity which finally has resulted in a collage of images of young creative minds.

Phase 1 of the workshop was initiated at the Eklavya Nyasa premises with a one day workshop and demonstration with the children to create forms of their imagination and a vision of the Pune city. This built a background to the exciting activity of painting your own city wall and making positive statement.

Phase 2 was an onsite activity with the IGA team and children of Eklavya Nyasa. The children were guided by trained artists from the IGA team to paint on the venue wall to create images of the imagination that the children had already created during workshop. The activity was repeated and then the composition was connected to create a city of dreams of the children of Eklavya Nyasa.

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Bal Bharati Wall

Books are magical. Books open a new world to everyone. Considering the contribution of Bal Bharati in spreading the Reading Culture among young children in urban as well as rural Maharashtra through textbooks and children's magazine, I decided to design the wall apt for reflecting their work.

Artist Name: Abha Bhagwat

Venue: Balbharti, S.B.Road

Size of wall: 113 meters (approx.)

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