About the Project: Pune as a Smart Cultural City

A collaboration between the Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune Biennale Foundation, professional artists, art students and school children, this project aims to build a community of aesthetic citizens who are aware of the rich heritage and fascinating stories that this city has to narrate.

"I have so much knowledge produced within me. But my facades seem neglected... as if a wall is enough to keep knowledge confined", lamented the Pune University wall.

The Bremen Chowk replied with arrogance, "Well, I have crossed borders and have my roots in two countries!"

"But you're static", retorted the E-Square bridge. "I, on the other hand, actually connect people. But these humans are always in a rush. They either just swoosh past and fly over me or make me a witness to their absurd curses. I wish they would just relax a bit and acknowledge me."

"Oh, tell me about it! I also connect Karve road to Paud, but people don't even know my real name!" cried the Savarkar flyover in exasperation.

To this the robust walls of the Yerawada jail responded chirpily, "Oh, I am the first glimpse that people coming in to Pune face. Everyone knows I keep prisoners in, but I'm about to get a new identity. Oh look! They're beautifying me! I'm coming to life!"

Punya-Vishaya to Pune, this quaint city has been a witness to a whole lot of diverse experiences: from a major flood to safeguarding hills, from being a retired man's haven to humming with (foreign) students in this birthplace of knowledge, from playing a pivotal role in Maratha politics until the Indian freedom struggle, this melting pot has seen it all. It is an artist's delight, but also the focal point of any multinational.

The city's face has changed from hills and rivers to malls and flyovers. The walls within the city, which we actually take for granted, can in fact become a platform for our imagination to take flight.

By speaking to the people, the Pune walls also hope to align the citizen's mentality with the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. As part of the Smart City initiative, the honorable PMC commissioner and Pune Biennale Foundation aim to convert over at least 50 kilometers length of wall surfaces spread throughout the city, into creative works

Acknowledging a major chunk of the city's public spaces is a hope to drive home the message that these are not waste or neglected spaces. In fact, these will be the citizen's own art spaces/ art galleries.

It is a win-win situation for all stakeholders in the city. Exposure to not just the finished art works but also the actual process of art creation will ensure that the school children develop an aesthetic sense along with a possible hobby or professional direction as to what kind of and how much effort goes into production a work of art.

This is an excellent opportunity for art students to be a part of the artwork and to work in and on public spaces will offer an alternative channel from academia. Professional artists have huge canvases at their disposal through this project. It is a perfect opportunity to blend their imaginative and creative beings with the social realm, by also showcasing suggestive artworks.

The citizens can therefore avail of a multitude of artworks varying in style, content, and technical expertise. Perhaps this project could inspire people to pick up a brush and beautify their own neighbourhood/society walls, thus recording the culture of our times.

To make Pune a Smart City, Pune Municipal Corporation, under the leadership of honorable Commissioner is planning several activities to beautify the city. One of these is a project called "Speaking Walls of Pune" in which the aim is to convert over least 50 kilometers length of wall surfaces in the city into creative works. These walls are spread over the entire city and their beautification will involve all stakeholders in the city. For this project, the corporation has partnered with the Pune Biennale Foundation.

About Pune Speaking Walls

The goal of the Speaking Walls project is to enhance the visual character of Pune city with the help of creative interventions in terms of artwork on selected walls in Pune. This overarching aim will be achieved by accomplishing following objectives:

  1. To give an identity to the city with the help of visual arts
  2. To visualize city as a platform for engagement and artistic expressions of stakeholders
  3. To convert city walls into interactive art galleries open for all

With guidance of the Commissioner this project will be funded through sponsorships, resources mobilized from corporate social responsibility and active participation of stakeholders. Under the project wall surfaces at 40 locations will be painted through crowd sourcing, art teachers and students, youth from colleges, school children, senior citizens, and those in the vicinity of selected locations. PMC will provide necessary permissions, request for permissions from other government agencies, and facilitate participation of society at large.

Kunal Kumar I.A.S.

Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation

Prashant Jagtap

Honorable Mayor, Pune Municipal Corporation

Pune Biennale Foundation

Pune Biennale Foundation supports Pune Municipal Corporation's vision in this project. Pune Biennale Foundation is an organization that has been working for promotion of visual aesthetics in the city. Through its flagship activity of Pune Biennale, the Foundation has created several public art projects. Its notable contribution in the city is several walls painted with public participation. Pune Biennale Foundation will curate the entire Speaking Walls project, which includes identification of walls, artists, themes, materials, and accomplishing the stated goals of beautifying the city. As necessary, the Foundation will share information regarding development and accomplishment of the project with PMC team led by the Commissioner.

You as a patron

We believe that you are an important stakeholder who can contribute in this project, and therefore request you to kindly cooperate with the Pune Biennale Foundation team in successful accomplishment of this project - "a movement for a visually better city"!!! Your contribution may come in different forms such as sponsorships, managing venues closer to your enterprise, offering volunteer support, encouraging participation, etc. The nature of your involvement shall be worked out in consultation with Pune Biennale Foundation and will be duly recognized and we look forward to your encouraging support to this creative event.


You are requested to make all donations to Pune Biennale Foundation and sponsorship details to be worked out with them in consultation with PMC team. For further details contact

Dr. Kiran Shinde

Managing Director

Pune Biennale Foundation

91/234A, Sanjay Park, Airport Road,

Pune - 411032 T: +91 9011 08 89 67

E: info@punebiennale.in

W: www.punebiennale.in

Mr. Shyam Dhavley

Executive Engineer

Heritage Department, Pune Municipal Corporation

Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005

T: 020-25501130

E: heritagecell212@gmail.com

W: www.punesmartcity.in


Applications closed.Thanks for your overwhelming response. The project is underway and we are unable to invite any more proposals. We look forward to your participation in Pune Biennale 2017 and the other activities/projects of the Pune Biennale Foundation.