Pune Biennale 2017 Venues

India House Art Gallery

Extending the elegant culture and creative energy of India House, Ramprasad Akkisetti has founded the India House Art Gallery in Balewadi, Pune. The gallery aims to exhibit high quality art expressing passion and commitment to interpreting human existence through rich imagery. Showcasing the work of niche artists and artwork with exceptional technical skill and artistic achievement, the varied materials highlight the transformational character of art, making this gallery truly comparable with international standards. India House Art Gallery also hosts talks and seminars related to their autumn, winter and spring exhibitions.

Vaishwik Art Environment

Vaishwik Art Environment, Aundh is an art center which promotes young as well as eminent artists in Pune city since 2004. Vaishwik have a huge collection of Contemporary Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, and Graphics Prints. Vaishwik have its own collection of European Art as well as Prints to view publicly. Vaishwik is promoting exclusive art in Pune city.

The art environment includes an Art Gallery with multiple sections in spaces covering 4000 running ft X 10 ft Height for exhibition as well as the Dnyanaba-Tukaram Gallery located at the third floor which is dedicated to Sant Tukaram. The thriving premises also boasts an Installation Ground, Library and Cultural Centre with a collection of over 2000 books. Vaishwik conducts musical programs, poetry reading, classes and workshops for Art.


LET ART WORK gallery is an art-in-heart initiative by Ar. Rashmi Tapadia and Kapil Tapadia, practising as Advantage Architecture, Pune.

LET ART WORK is a platform to nourish budding and upcoming, ambitious artists to build a community to connect with common people at large. Their work has expanded to art awareness and education programs during the last three years.

The gallery is 1000 sq.ft, a multi facility space that can be rented after curation. Various workshops are conducted for art appreciation through educational activities. With its vision for connecting different art forms towards community building for a perfect art connect, "gift a painting" is an initiative to spread awareness about original art buying and to support the artist when they are alive!


Gyaan Adab is Pune's Premier Cultural Centre which hosts a wide range of events showcasing literature and the arts. These include book readings, talks, presentations, theatre and dance productions, art and photography exhibitions, music performances, workshops and lecture demonstrations - which feature new and emerging as well as established creative practitioners. Since it opened its doors three years ago, Gyaan Adab has had the distinction of creating unique programmes and events that have established its presence in the city of Pune as a leading cultural centre for recreation and creative innovation where the established and the new find a space to showcase their talent.

To promote the Visual Arts, Gyaan Adab has showcased the work of 40 new and established artists working in different mediums and also conducted numerous workshops, their focus being Art Education, Community Art and Solo and Group Exhibitions.

Gyaan Adab's intimate yet community-friendly art display spaces include Outdoor Gallery, Event Gallery, GA Gallery, Stairway Gallery, GA Intimate Gallery and GA Terrace Gallery. These varied spaces offer visitors a choice of visual experiences.