Pune Biennale Foundation strives towards broadening participation of people from different walks of life and diverse expressions of art in developing aesthetic sensibilities in our society. In the 3rd edition of Pune Biennale in 2017, this vision is advanced through several participatory projects that will be developed around the theme of "Identity and Self". In conceptual terms, this theme bolsters and widens some of the ideas that will be explored in the flagship exhibition of Pune Biennale - 2017: Habit_co_Habit.

Participatory projects intend to unfold myriad ways of exploring the overarching theme of "identity and self" through different mediums and forums including displays, installations, workshops, and dialogues. Although the nature of these projects may vary, they all aim at discovering and expressing relationships that evolve with a deeper realization of the meaning of one's existence in different spheres of life. The participatory projects highlight the need to preserve and encourage the liberty to interpret and promote different forms of engagements between people, artists, and art in general.

Inclusive Art (with specially-abled)

In its third edition, Pune Biennale brings forth a very interesting opportunity to experience inclusive art. Take your pick from the multiple ways that we intend to disseminate this project:

  1. Workshop with children
  2. Artists Camp
  3. Coffee table book

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Young Expressions: Student Projects

What possibilities, creative and collaborative, may be unleashed if we pave the way for genuine exchange of art as well as the thought process behind its creations? Pune Biennale invites students of various Indian art schools to share their Young Expressions by engaging in a dialogue, and thereby develop an unusual critique of contemporary Indian art. The medium will, naturally, be the student's own exploratory artworks. Pune Biennale invites approximately five installations from each art school.

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Not Just A Garden

For all visitors, old and new, Pune Biennale 2017 offers a novel opportunity to experience this bustling public garden with a tinge of art! The Sambhaji Park on JM Road has been long known for its greenery. These working lungs of Pune will now host a series of artworks and installations during the Biennale. Therefore, for a brief window of time, we wish to transform this treasure-house by adding another layer of cultural space, to appreciate Sambhaji Park also as an artspace.

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Moving Art Spaces

What constitutes an art space? Galleries? Auditoriums? Parks?

How about an art space which moves and allows you to move through it? Pune Biennale Foundation did some out of the box thinking to bring to the city some unique architectural spaces which will be transient, thereby exapnding the field of art, spatially and temporally. These spaces are either artworks themselves or such that contain artworks. In and around the Deccan area of the city, one can witness and experience these creations and installations.

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My City/My Art

A city is no more than its people. Pune Biennale 2017 offers an open platform for people to speak their mind publicly in an articulate yet artistic mode/form. It is only through such free rendering that our city can benefit from the public and participatory artistic expressions.

We have all grown up with fond memories of streets that we called ours and that inhabited our world. We often talk nostalgically about the beauty of such streets. Those days seem to be gone and why not; we now want fancy cars parked outside our houses. Nothing wrong with it- at least we think so. But when everybody does that the street vanishes.

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Imagine having to choose from several art galleries because they are hosting concurrent shows! Well, this is no advertisement in Berlin or Edinburgh or such.

Pune Biennale 2017 brings to you a sheer treat for 15 days where local artists will showcase their cutting edge work based on the theme "Identity and Self". This exhibition, which is a collaboration with hosting galleries is an impulse to involve Pune artists to present contemporary works.

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