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Merawalla “BLUE” and Maya walla HEIN !?!?

This show, curated by Gauri Gandhi, Art Mandai artists, initiates a public engagement by hosting an art event with Pune Biennale 2017 titled “MERAWALA BLUE and MAYAWALLA HEIN ?!?!“ at Gallery LET ART WORK on 6th January 2017.
MERAWALLA “blue” is the choice that an artist is making, to create one art object each. The emphasis is on MERAWALLA, defining, me, mine or myself. Blue is just another colour to synchronise the event. Hence, the artist may choose to use it as colour or as a concept.

BLUE is an abstract symbol. Many associations have been enforced on it. Freeing themselves from it, artists will interpret “BLUE” in their way.

Maya wala “HEIN” is the reaction, communicated by the viewer. Maya is a generic name given to the viewer, symbolising the witty public. HEIN!?!?! is the local reaction, used either as ,”WOW!!!” or “Nonsense??” .

Why “Maya”? The name “Maya” is associated with popular characters in media, like the film “Maya memsahib”, “Sarabhai verses Sarabhai” to name a few, who spell an attitude of sharp wits.

The event has been designed for the artist to engage with the viewer, to recreate a dialogue, performing as an act of setting his “Blue”

Showcasing: Yuva through Identity and Self
Painting Exhibition of Yuva artists from 16th to 27th Jan, 2017.

Timing : 10 am to 7pm. Till 27 Jan.


Ajay Dharmadhikari

Burhan Nagarwala

Falguni Gokhale

Jitendra Divte

Nachiket Prakash

Rohit Dhumal

Ruby Jhunjhunwala

Ruve Narang

Sai Paralikar

Veena Chandran


301, 3rd Floor, 18 High Street, Near Regent Plaza,Baner-Pashan Link Road, Baner, Pune-411045

Born in the suburbs of Mumbai, Sai Paralikar, a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, works predominantly in painting. She completed her BFA at Sir. J.J. School of Fine Arts in Mumbai and has a good command in oil as well as acrylic medium.

Freelancing since college days, her several paintings are in private collections in India and abroad. She has had group shows in Pune at Darpan Art Gallery and Balgandharva Art Gallery. This passionate painter of still-life, landscapes & portraits conducts drawing and painting classes as well.

Ajay Dharmadhikari, a participating artists in Galleria, believes that in the routine of the day, one thing that makes our life easy are vehicles. For him, cycle tops the list of vehicles which greatly fascinates him, the reason for which lies in his past.
To complete his art education, he enrolled myself at Kala Vishwa Mahavidyalaya, Sangali where he lived in a rented accommodation. The course required more than a dozen figurative rough sketches daily, which was a challenge. The rented accommodation had many cycles parked nearby, which after daily observation, urged Ajay to developing a fascination for the lines of its construction and mechanism. The more he sketched the figures of a cycle, the more he started to understand its details and intricacies: the chain cover, its stand, bell, tyres. The more he drew, the more he enjoyed. Thus started his journey of participating and getting selected for various competitions, for drawings related to this mode.
After completing his studies he landed in Pune. During this entire journey his affiliation with the cycle and drawing the same continued. At Let Art Work, he will showcase the multiple facets of his model (the cycle) and through it the artist himself.

Pune based Rohit Dhumal is a participating artists in Galleria. After completing his diploma in painting from Abhinav College with flying colors, he has been active in various demonstrations, group shows and participated in various exhibitions and shows in and around Pune. He has a special knack for portrait painting which has bagged him various prizes at competitions all over Maharashtra. He has secured the gold medal at the Landscape competition at Azam Camp, Pune as well as best portrait award in Vasai Vikasini College of Visual Art, Mumbai.

Mumbai born Jitendra Divte is a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. Since childhood his main hobby and interest has been the arts and he took up this hobby as a profession when in standard 5. Seeking guidance from his mother and art teachers, he graduated (A.T.D.) from Robi D’Selva College of Arts.

Having worked as an art teacher for a year, he realised the need to get back to academics and completed his diploma in Fine art from Raheja School of Arts. Presently working as an arts teacher with Children’s Academy School at (Kandivli East) which allows him to experiment innovatively through art. He has participated in many solo and group art exhibitions. He is committed to pursuing his passion for the arts through his profession.

Burhan Nagarwala, a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, completed his BFA from Bharti Vidyapreth College of Fine Arts and MFA from VIIT College of Fine Arts. He has presently established his studio in Pune. Burhan loves charcoal and acrylic as his medium to express his paintings and drawings.

He never fails to surprise with the different direction of subject in his paintings, symbolising a woman's identity in his work, which is extremely relevant today.

Ruve Narang, one of Not Just A Garden artists, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, has created thought provoking artworks with an array of mediums. She plays with the fusion of light and colors; its transparency and light-reflecting qualities. She has conceptualized art forms where change is distinct from fusion and separation. Since the beginning of her painting career, she has pushed her limits on various amalgamated mediums like pen illustrations, graphic design, glass work and projection of film on painted canvas. Travelling, exploring and exposure to different cultures have played a vital role in her art. With artworks conceived of trial and error and an engineering mind, Ruve hopes to reach out to open minds and those living in the closet.

Nachiket is a Bachelor of Fine arts who holds an experience of more than a decade in the world of art. He is an established artist in Pune and has worked as commercial and fine artist with prestigious companies, organisations and institutions. His works are inspired by daily life events and situations. Medium is no bar for Nachiket as he believes in giving the best form to his ideas and concepts using appropriate medium of expression. He holds a National gold medal in digital art and is a visiting faculty at Flame University in graphic printmaking.

Veena pursued a formal degree and training as an architect in her initial years. She then decided to move on from architecture and follow other passions borrowing on the design sensibilities and the aesthetic sense she developed during those years. This journey, took her to Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry where she trained in wood and Anagama fired ceramics. Veena has since then, had various opportunities to exhibit her work internationally and in India and also take part in various international residencies and symposiums.

Teaching being one of her main passions, she dove tails her time between teaching architecture at the University and moulding visions in clay at her studio in Pune.

Ruby Jhunjhunwala will invite visitors in her work-space for a studio visit under My city/My Art Participatory project.

Observing worker's in her father's glass manufacturing unit as a child, Ruby Jhunjhunwala was enchanted by the glass manufacturing process, by the dynamics of fire on the raw materials changing form and colour. Ruby holds a degree in Science and after meeting the internationally renowned ceramic artist Daniel Rhodes, she further studied glass blowing texhniques at Alfred University, New York. Her work and training includes collaboration with many renowned potters from "Delhi Blue" such as Gurchan Singhji and Mansimran Singji.

Continuing her engagement with 'order in chaos', her corpus of work in Indian Ceramics since the 1970s with a unique sense of aesthetics with a rustic tinge is truly inspiring. Her work is a jugalbandi between the self and the elements, where she allows the fire to completely take over and is rarely disappointed in the end results.

An alumnus from National institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Falguni Gokhale will showcase her work in Galleria during Pune Biennale 2017. With approximately 25 years of design experience, she is also a specialist in communication and visual branding. Her rich experience in many areas of design, like branding, packaging, user interface design for software and publications has won her design company many national and international awards.

Falguni is also an artist and illustrator. She works on canvass, mixed media, fiber glass and copper.
She has held solo and group shows in Pune, Mumbai, Singapore, Johannesburg (India Festival). She also exhibited at the Curators show - UNITED ART FAIR, Delhi in 2013.