Jedhe College Wall

As a contribution to the Pune Speaking Walls project IGA Open Studio worked with a target group of children from the Ekalavya Nyasa Trust, Pune. The IGA team partnered with these young artists through a workshop and onsite activity which finally has resulted in a collage of images of young creative minds.
Phase 1 of the workshop was initiated at the Eklavya Nyasa premises with a one day workshop and demonstration with the children to create forms of their imagination and a vision of the Pune city.

This built a background to the exciting activity of painting your own city wall and making positive statement.

Phase 2 was an onsite activity with the IGA team and children of Eklavya Nyasa. The children were guided by trained artists from the IGA team to paint on the venue wall to create images of the imagination that the children had already created during workshop. The activity was repeated and then the composition was connected to create a city of dreams of the children of Eklavya Nyasa.

About IGA Open Studio: an interactive platform for all ages and profession where IGA reaches out to various groups to share their professional experience via events, camps, and workshops.

About Eklavya Nyasa: is an NGO working for the children of Commercial Sex Workers, Alcoholics, HIV infected Parents, single parents. EN (Eklavya Nyasa) wants to free these children of the burden and wants the society to accept them wholeheartedly. They are working towards giving the children an alternative mode of life and help the children come of their current situations they live in. At the moment, EN takes care and looks after 100 children. There are three centers (somwar Peth, Shukrawar Peth and Dhayari)

Wall Details

Name of wall: Jedhe College Wall

Name of artist/s: Indranil Garai Associates

Painted length of wall: 394 ft

No. of participants: 30 students

Height: 6.8 ft

Total area: 2704 sq ft.

Press Coverage

The coverage has appeared in the following publications:


Times of India
Sakal Times
Indian Express



Speaking Walls of Pune : A Unique Art Initiative

Pune Biennale, in collaboration with PMC, has lined up a unique art initiative titled ‘Speaking Walls of Pune’ that aims to transform city walls into interactive art galleries.The event will see around 30 children of commercial sex workers, from the NGO Eklavya Nyasa, take part and cover 50 km.

The initiative has already covered 1.5 km of wall space in the city and is currently working on a stretch at Sukhrawar Peth.

When : October 27, 12 noon to 2 pm
Where : Vidya Niketan, Shukrawar Peth