Gyaan Adab

Gyaan Adab is Pune's Premier Cultural Centre which hosts a wide range of events showcasing literature and the arts. These include book readings, talks, presentations, theatre and dance productions, art and photography exhibitions, music performances, workshops and lecture demonstrations - which feature new and emerging as well as established creative practitioners. Since it opened its doors three years ago, Gyaan Adab has had the distinction of creating unique programmes and events that have established its presence in the city of Pune as a leading cultural centre for recreation and creative innovation where the established and the new find a space to showcase their talent.

To promote the Visual Arts, Gyaan Adab has showcased the work of 40 new and established artists working in different mediums and also conducted numerous workshops, their focus being Art Education, Community Art and Solo and Group Exhibitions.

Gyaan Adab's intimate yet community-friendly art display spaces include Outdoor Gallery, Event Gallery, GA Gallery, Stairway Gallery, GA Intimate Gallery and GA Terrace Gallery. These varied spaces offer visitors a choice of visual experiences.

Timings : 10.30 am to 7 pm everyday. 26 Jan closed. Till 29 Jan.


Akshay Alurkar

Amrita Katara

Anisha Kotibhaskar

Ann Delorme

Bhalchandra Mandke

Bhupender Sharma

Chetana Sudame

Deepali Parmar

Dilip Mali

Ekta Kumar

Ghayatri Desai

Ghayathri Desai

Maitreya Yeshwant

Pravleen Chugh

Samarin Sayed

Smita Marathe

Smita Raje Deshpande

Vidya Kadappa

Born in 1962, Ghayathri Desai is a spiritual painter, underwent her training from the Sir J.J.School of Art, holds a Diploma in Textile Design from the Sophia Polytechnique, Mumbai, a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Pune and professional training in ceramics under the exclusive guidance of the legendary ceramic artist Nirmala Patwardhan at her studio in Pune. She has been painting and exhibiting for the last 3 decades and her works are in many private collections in India and abroad. She also is a member of the Bombay Art Society and a member of the Dubai International Art Centre.

Bhupender Sharma creates his art from the sensitive center of himself, exploring vibrant colours that are metaphors for the complex energies within him. He will showcase his work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. His visual expression in this series of work reflects a process of becoming rather than a finished form. He studies in the Swaraj University in Udaipur and has recently completed a short creative internship at Gyaan Adab.

Samarin Sayed is a Visual Artist whose paintings take form when colours and strokes interact, using the artist as a medium. Not bounded by any one medium, she experiments through inks, watercolours, oils, acrylics, charcoal and anything that interests her. She's a Bachelor in Fine Arts and currently works as a Visual Art Teacher for IB at D. Y. Patil International School, Pune. She will be presenting her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

Smita Marathe is an accomplished artist whose work deals with abstract symbolism, and will showcase her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. She has been painting for over a decade and has secured a diploma in commercial art from the prestigious Abhinav Kala Maha Vidyalaya. Her medium of art is oil paints on canvas or paper. In her opinion, she leans towards portraying women and their relationship with the world in her paintings.

Ekta Kumar is a self-taught artist who believes that art is an essential form of self-expression, and will showcase her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. A Chartered Accountant and a graduate from IIM Calcutta, she moved away from a routine of PowerPoint presentations to explore her artistic side. It was then that she discovered that painting is a magical process that let her see the world differently. Her medium is acrylic paint on canvas. This is the artist’s first exhibition.

Anisha Kotibhaskar is an artist who has dealt with communication in the corporate sector. However, with time, she discovered that her true calling is to communicate through art. She is a painter who aims at creating works of art that are suggestive rather than representative.So far, she has worked with acrylic paint on canvas and is extremely generous with the usage of textures in her work. Anisha has recently completed a short but intense visual arts mentorship at Gyaan Adab,and will showcase her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

Originally from Nagpur, Chetana Sudame now lives in Pune, and will be showcasing her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. She has a number of solo and group shows in India and the UK to her credit and her work is in private collections in India and abroad.

The artist has tried to reproduce her thoughts and feelings about herself by using on acrylics on canvas and oil pastels on paper to create abstract forms. The search for herself and her identity vacillates between the echoes of Ko-hum (who am I) and So-hum (I know who I am) and cannot be expressed in traditional shapes and forms. Strongly influenced by Madhubani art earlier, Chetana moves towards pastel shades in this series.

Bhalchandra Mandke is a celebrated senior artist from India whose works are permanently on display at the Lalit Kala Academy and the National Gallery of Modern Art. We are proud to showcase his work in Galleria, Pune Bienanle 2017.

Mandke's virtuosity as an artist is apparent in the response of the viewer. His paintings always manage to take over the senses and leave one in a hypnotic state. The vibrant use of colour, the bold strokes and the crystal clear message are evident and add to the beauty of his work.

Painting people from different states of the country greatly influenced Mandke's idea of identity. He is of the opinion that elements in nature too have influenced the manner in which he introspects. Identity, according to the artist covers a large range of details. Much like the polarities that nature beholds-- a concept that has inspired many of his paintings.

Mandke is gloriously uninhibited in expressing his thoughts. His paintings have a storytelling quality that revolve around mysticism and the mysteries of the human mind. It serves as a stimulus for contemplation, pushing one to look for the treasures that lay within.

Deepali Parmar, an artist participating in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, is also a writer, theaterist and creative counsellor who has passionately engaged with the arts and literature over the past 3 decades. Her art is informed by the sensory experiences and creative emergence and how these translate into inter-personal relationships between people, spaces and environments. Influenced by the lives of indigenous communities and children she continues to examine the nature of creative transference. Her art has been exhibited in solo and group shows in India and USA since 1999.

With education and practice in interior design and architecture for 15 years, Deepali committed to fulltime involvement with art and education in 2001. She has taught several creative and literary subjects at schools, colleges and organisations - tribal and urban. Her present series has emerged from explorations through the senses and how they may or may not connect body mind and space. Deepali's techniques of water-color explore how opaque and transparent images can be layered to give a sensory experience and a sense of space and belonging.

Born in New Delhi, Pravleen Chugh, a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, has had the opportunity from a very young age to live in various cities. This introduced her to diverse cultures, an exposure which helped develop her interest in people and how they live.

An avid film buff from childhood, she went on to pursue a degree in Filmmaking from Kingston University, London and a diploma in Photography from Fergusson College, Pune. With a keen interest in psychology and philosophy, her work leans towards documenting the uncensored reality.

Apart from films and photography she is also an artist and ceramist. She currently resides in Pune, India.

Maitreya Yeshwant will showcase his work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

What drove Maitreya, a student of IIT Kharagpur, to drop out of college and pursue music as a career is a surge of passion, which entranced and led him to the canvas. His vivid paintings are a result of his intense sense of self-awareness, and according to him, a creation of the divine. He says, “The joy that you get when you are not thinking, when you’re beyond the realms of the mind and are surprised by the divine pouring itself onto the canvas is inexpressible.”

Musician and painter, Maitreya expresses himself on canvas and sometimes, on handmade paper using powder colours, oils, acrylic and a wide variety of mixed media. His surfaces are large and dramatic, emoting internal energies.

Amrita Katara holds a Masters degree in Media and Communications and a Bachelors degree in Economics and Studio Art. Her skills were honed through several courses at the University of the Arts London. She is currently pursuing her passion for the visual arts under the guidance of artist Sujata Dharap. Amrita expresses herself best through painting and illustrations, and has explored various mediums including ink, charcoal and watercolour, that allow her to creatively portray her spontaneous inspirations and views of everyday life. She also enjoys bringing other people’s visions and ideas to life. Amrita has also explored 3D forms and worked with clay.

A creative and dedicated Visual Arts artist, teacher and an Art Based Practitioner committed to creating meaningful and stimulating art, Smita Raje Deshpande will showcase her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.
She instills self-expression in her abstracts. She has exhibited her work in the US, Baroda and Pune. She has also volunteered at Adult Mental Health center at Arlington, USA and at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital as an art practitioner for the pediatric cancer patients where she practiced bed side art activities. Her work extends to conducting 'Know Your Child Better with Art' workshops for teachers and parents at Pune as also designing and conducting 'Enhance Communication Skills and Personality using Art as a Tool', courses for management students in Pune.
As an art based Practitioner she has presented a paper titled “Application of the arts-based therapy for pre-adolescents adversely impacted by the circumstantial vulnerabilities" at Armed Forces Medical College, Pune at the 13th BIENNIAL CONFERENCE of the Indian Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (IACAM) in November 2015.
She also conducts Individual art therapy sessions, group therapy and individual sessions for learning abstract art through a therapeutic process. Brush, Palette and Coffee is her studio and Art Lane is her group which curates art.