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Concept Note :

Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man's life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self.
- Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Coordinated by Abir Patwardhan, the Galleria Project will showcase the views of "Identity and Self" of 16 local and national artists at Balgandharva Kala Gallery.


Abir Patwardhan

Aboli Shah

Cyrus Wadia

Eric G. C. Weets

Falguni Gokhale

Filomina Pawar

Janaki Lele

Komal Parmar

Manisha Vedpathak

Meera George

Murali Raman

Rahul Narwane

Pooza Kataria

Roopa Deodhar

Ushmita Sahu

Vaishali Rajapurkar


A Pune-based artist, he works from his studio-residency, just outside the city. Other than sculpture he is also interested in theatre. He is a founding member of a theatre company based in Bombay, who work with young adults as their target audiences.

Manisha Vedpathak, a participating artist in Galleria, is a contemporary artist, who recently relocated to her hometown Pune in India, after a stay of over two decades in West of Africa.

Art has been her passion since childhood but it was only after coming to Africa in 1994, with husband and first child, that she started thinking of developing her artistic abilities. Being a self-taught artist, after ten years of study and hard work, her images have evolved over the years from realism to abstraction. Now abstracts, figurative and occasionally nonrepresentational work are her fortes. Her artworks, influenced by the vibrant African culture, are a colourful combination of shape and texture and include complex compositions that hold their own individuality throughout each painting. Her engineering background is seen through the use of geometric shapes.

Her paintings were exhibited internationally (NEW YORK, ITALY, CZECH REPUBLIC and GHANA) as well as locally. They are in private collection worldwide.

Aboli Shah, presenting in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, studied Bachelors in Design from Raffles Design International, Singapore. She specialized in furniture design (Milan, Italy). She has also studied Psychology and her thesis talks about the effects of design on human thinking.

A practicing artist since 2012, she has presented at various art festivals over the country such as Kalaghoda (Mumbai), IIT TECH Fest (Powai, Mumbai ), Kochi Biennale, Pune Biennale (2015) to name a few and has also been a part of the Milan design expo 2015.

Cyrus Wadia will showcase his work in Galleria, Pune Biennale Foundation.

Born in Mumbai, India on June 10th 1966, Cyrus was always a visually oriented person and knew very early that he wanted to create visuals that transcended the apparently visible into the hidden agenda of subconscious feelings and emotions expressed by them. He studied Fine Art in the U.S. at the Columbus College of Art and Design where he received the Ohio Watercolor Society’s Student Scholarship Award in 1995. He returned to Pune, India in 1996 and has been painting, teaching and working in related commercial fields ever since.

Born 1973, Ushmita Sahu, who will present her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, has done her B.F.A.(Painting) from Delhi College of Art & M.F.A. (Painting) from Kala-Bhavana, Visva- Bharati University, Santiniketan. A recipient of the National Scholarship of the Govt. of India, Ushmita has numerous shows to her credit. Her most recent solo titled White Noise was exhibited with Kalakriti Gallery, Hyderabad, July 2016.

Ushmita also works as an independent curator and writer, regularly contributing articles on art to various national and international journals and magazines. She was recently invited to participate in a writing project with the Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa, December 2016. Ushmita lives and works from Santiniketan, West Bengal, India.

An alumnus from National institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Falguni Gokhale will showcase her work in Galleria during Pune Biennale 2017. With approximately 25 years of design experience, she is also a specialist in communication and visual branding. Her rich experience in many areas of design, like branding, packaging, user interface design for software and publications has won her design company many national and international awards.

Falguni is also an artist and illustrator. She works on canvass, mixed media, fiber glass and copper.
She has held solo and group shows in Pune, Mumbai, Singapore, Johannesburg (India Festival). She also exhibited at the Curators show - UNITED ART FAIR, Delhi in 2013.

Eric G. C. Weets, who will be a part of Galleria during Pune Biennale 2017, was born on 3rd August 1951 in Merksem, Belgium. He resides in Asia sine the last 25 years, mostly in India, currently in Pune.

Human interactions inspire him and he is intrigued to see that people, who come from one tribal group, can have such different lifestyles and beliefs, after so many thousands of years. He observes the world from a distance and watches these chaotic relationships and interactions between people.

He wants to highlight the compactness, the intricate, complex inter-connectedness, the differences of world population and how he looks at it. He wishes to bring forth the complexity of everything and how "everything" cannot live with or without each other.

Through these semi-automatic drawings, he expresses how people are close to and distant from each other, simultaneously. He depicts, how one's action influences the behavior of someone else.  The complex and sometimes bizarre behavior between people and the strong influence of the past on the present fascinates him. His work is inspired from such complex, reciprocal actions and effects.

Murali Raman (1958), who will be presenting in Galleria at the Pune Biennale 2017, is a self-taught Mumbai-based artist, curator, scriptwriter & poet. Figuratives, conceptual/ cerebral logic, tantra find expression in his acrylics/ oils on canvas and paper, charcoal, multimedia/animation, art installations, wall murals, fiber glass, video work, short films, photography and poetry. An MA in literature, PR and Indian Aesthetics, is a creative ad-man, now a marketing communication consultant, writing & painting. He has exhibited paintings, photographs & art installations in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi as well on online websites; and has commissioned work around the world. He is comfortable equally with very large canvases and murals as well as contained canvases and installation art. Murali loves to visit ancient ruins and art museums wherever he travels.

Rahul Narwane, presenting in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, focuses on the consious self-search involved in the process of painting which runs common among all art practices. When he chooses a surface like canvas or paper, it becomes one with space; shapes enter into space and this process of formation is painting to him. Being present at that moment of formation, means thinking about painting.

Meera George will be a part of Galleria in Pune Biennale 2017.

Part of the new generation of Indian artists under forty for whom art has no national boundaries, Meera George’s installations and multi-media artworks have had an international impact in a remarkably short time. After graduating in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art and a Masters from the University of Kent, England, she was exposed to an international audience very early on. Recipient of five international art grants and residencies she has travelled, exhibited and conducted workshops throughout the globe.

Meera’s works are sensitive to gender and cross-cultural issues and at the same time are strongly autobiographical. The artist uses herself as props in her creative works. Her art reflects a synthesis of various visual styles juxtaposed with a personal narrative. Today, alongside her art practice she runs Class Art Studio in Pune, introducing art with a different sensibility to adults and children.

Janaki Lele will be presenting her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

An Architect, an obsessive recycler and a Paper Artist, Janaki is a Pune-bred artist, who currently calls Australia home. Her creations are a result of her endless explorations with the humble paper, whose fragility and flexibility is both a challenge and an inspiration for her work. She strives to create art that will incite amusement and curiosity in its viewers but leave an undemanding and modest footprint on the planet.

A trained fashion designer, Vaishali Rajapurkar has been intensely and passionately involved in art. Training under various renowned artists in Pune for the last 25 years, she has been studying and practicing different styles in painting like abstracts and figurative. She believes that one needs to be versatile and your own style will come naturally to you. She describes the process in her own person as “Abstract came to me as a catharsis and has stayed with me, taking me along known and unknown paths of discovery. At times soothing, at times disturbing, but at all times an integral part of me.”

Pooza Kataria is a spatial artist and graduated from University of Pune with Bachelors degree in Architecture in 2013. Her artistic journey began with research on ‘Notions of Meditative Experiences’ during her MA in Interior and Spatial Design at University of Arts London, UK, where pieces like ‘Childhood Wood’ and ‘Blue Elude’ transpired and were very well received. Her installation ‘Found Beyond’ helped her bag the first place under visual arts category at the prestigious Kalaghoda Art Festival 2016.

Her work mainly comprises of colossal installations with the central theme of spatial experience, personal and social narratives. Currently, she is feeding her passion of art and design through her studio, ‘Dhi Atelier,’ which encompasses  her architectural and interior design practice along with her art experiments.

Born and brought up in Pune, Komal pursued her childhood passion to graduate from Sir J.J. School of Art (B.F.A.), Mumbai in 2003.

Her style includes minimalistic design and use of bold colours is a characteristic of her work. She derives inspiration from her travels. Every series has a new subject. One can see freshness in the subjects, style and application in her work.

She has had several solo and group shows all over India in her 13 years as an artist. Her work has not only been chosen for All India Women Artists exhibition in Chandigarh, but has also travelled overseas for Indian artists shows in Jakarta, Indonesia several times. It gives her immense pleasure to exhibit in her hometown as part of Galleria, Pune Binenale 2017. Her constant endeavour is to produce images with rich and vibrant colours, which are attractive and appeal to the viewers.

Filomina Pawar is a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

Born on 3rd Jan 1968 in Maharashtra, India, Filomina Pawar believes that she is an artist by chance, not by choice. At the age of 30years, she was fortunate to engage with artists and architects. This creative involvement resulted in a genuine interest in arts, ultimately leading her on to study 20th Century Western art.

Since then, art is a way of life for her. She begins the process of developing ideas with an openness which allows a string of ideas to surface. She also believes in giving in completely to these ideas so that the mind and the body are completely involved in producing a work of art.

Roopa Deodhar will be a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

Born and brought up in Pune, Roopa Deodhar completed her art education (GD Art Applied) from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay, Pune, with rank 1 in 1982.
After 2 years of experience as a visualiser in agencies like Lintas and Contour in Mumbai, she returned to Pune and started working as a freelance graphic designer.

Roopa has designed, as well as written; main concepts copies of various communication materials for different pharmaceutical and construction companies. She also designed house magazines for several industries around Pune and created fund-raising brochures for social organizations.

Photography is Roopa’s hobby, along with teaching and traveling.