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Born in the suburbs of Mumbai, Sai Paralikar, a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, works predominantly in painting. She completed her BFA at Sir. J.J. School of Fine Arts in Mumbai and has a good command in oil as well as acrylic medium.

Freelancing since college days, her several paintings are in private collections in India and abroad. She has had group shows in Pune at Darpan Art Gallery and Balgandharva Art Gallery. This passionate painter of still-life, landscapes & portraits conducts drawing and painting classes as well.

Ajay Dharmadhikari, a participating artists in Galleria, believes that in the routine of the day, one thing that makes our life easy are vehicles. For him, cycle tops the list of vehicles which greatly fascinates him, the reason for which lies in his past.
To complete his art education, he enrolled myself at Kala Vishwa Mahavidyalaya, Sangali where he lived in a rented accommodation. The course required more than a dozen figurative rough sketches daily, which was a challenge. The rented accommodation had many cycles parked nearby, which after daily observation, urged Ajay to developing a fascination for the lines of its construction and mechanism. The more he sketched the figures of a cycle, the more he started to understand its details and intricacies: the chain cover, its stand, bell, tyres. The more he drew, the more he enjoyed. Thus started his journey of participating and getting selected for various competitions, for drawings related to this mode.
After completing his studies he landed in Pune. During this entire journey his affiliation with the cycle and drawing the same continued. At Let Art Work, he will showcase the multiple facets of his model (the cycle) and through it the artist himself.

Pune based Rohit Dhumal is a participating artists in Galleria. After completing his diploma in painting from Abhinav College with flying colors, he has been active in various demonstrations, group shows and participated in various exhibitions and shows in and around Pune. He has a special knack for portrait painting which has bagged him various prizes at competitions all over Maharashtra. He has secured the gold medal at the Landscape competition at Azam Camp, Pune as well as best portrait award in Vasai Vikasini College of Visual Art, Mumbai.

Mumbai born Jitendra Divte is a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. Since childhood his main hobby and interest has been the arts and he took up this hobby as a profession when in standard 5. Seeking guidance from his mother and art teachers, he graduated (A.T.D.) from Robi D’Selva College of Arts.

Having worked as an art teacher for a year, he realised the need to get back to academics and completed his diploma in Fine art from Raheja School of Arts. Presently working as an arts teacher with Children’s Academy School at (Kandivli East) which allows him to experiment innovatively through art. He has participated in many solo and group art exhibitions. He is committed to pursuing his passion for the arts through his profession.

Mansi Jadhav, a participating artist in Not Just a Garden, is pursuing her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune. She is a performance artist and theatre enthusiast. Her passion to become an Art Director- Production Designer, led her to explore new mediums of art, whether it's painting, doodles, poetry, art installation, art direction or acting.

She is working as a set dresser for TV commercials and has assisted few known production designers. She believes in colouring outside the lines. Human emotions and different forms of nature inspire her.

Born in 1970, Deepa is a contemporary Indian artist from Pune, who blends her work with spirituality.One can experience the energy of life infused into her paintings.She believes that the school of life is the most sensitive form of learning without boundaries.Her art thus translates myriad experiences of her spiritual journey into subtle expressions.Her work is in abstract and figurative abstracts with acrylics and oils as the main media.

Madhavi Joshi is a Pune based self-taught artist. She has exhibited her work in more than 20 solo and 30 group shows in India and abroad. She works in a unique style depicting spiritual Indian mythological idols and Hindu iconography. Her series of paintings represent her artistic expression on the sanctity and relevance of numerous vignettes of Indian culture compared to their modern practices.

In her paintings the trinity Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, their iconography and spiritual symbols all combine to impart visual symbols, all combine to impart visual effects of glory and transparency along with the memories of the country's past heritage.

The relevance of various chakras and their sanctity along with meditational hues are prominent in her work. She believes that her paintings themselves contain energy which create positive repercussions in the space around.

Born in 1962, Ghayathri Desai is a spiritual painter, underwent her training from the Sir J.J.School of Art, holds a Diploma in Textile Design from the Sophia Polytechnique, Mumbai, a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Pune and professional training in ceramics under the exclusive guidance of the legendary ceramic artist Nirmala Patwardhan at her studio in Pune. She has been painting and exhibiting for the last 3 decades and her works are in many private collections in India and abroad. She also is a member of the Bombay Art Society and a member of the Dubai International Art Centre.

Mangesh Kapse will showcase his work in Galleria during Pune Biennale 2017. After completing B.F.A‐Drawing & Painting from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, and G.D.ART- drawing and painting,S.P.C.M. Nagpur, he is pursuing M.F.A – Printmaking, at Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. Thus, he migrated to Mumbai from Nagpur (a smaller city) and the complex housing system of Mumbai surprised him.

In an earlier series called ‘Self with Metrocity’, he decided to juxtapose people of Mumbai with fish because like fishes, despite all the difficulties that people face, they always look playful.

His current subject of research is self in comparison with the situation of homeless people of Mumbai, which includes the possessions of beggars around the CST street.

Pradnya Ramteke will showcase her work in Galleria during Pune Biennale 2017.

After completing her B.F.A. Drawing and Painting, from Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur she pursued her M.F.A.Painting (Printmaking), at Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai.

She believes that life is like a game and we are players of that game. Every incident or situation of our life is like a task. We must go through it as we do not have any option for that we should face it. Woman is very important part of that game. The way women handle situations, and in the process little thing behold mystery. Pradnya yearns to highlight this mysterious power of a woman.

Minou Tsambika Polleros is a movement artist, choreographer and interdisciplinary art researcher born in Austria. She holds a BA (Hons) degree in Choreography and Visual Arts from Dartington College of Arts in the UK and a Masters degree in Social Sculpture from Oxford Brookes University. Minou works as a dance artist, choreographer, curator and researcher in the South West of England. Minou teaches site-specific choreography as visiting lecturer at University Falmouth and believes that her work with architectural patterns can be crossfertilizing for both movement artists and architects. She has developed her methodologies for the lLving Architecture Laboratory with the architecture department at Oxford Brookes University and hopes to deepen her work via an ongoing doctoral research on visceral empathy and a more embodied activism. Minou’s works want to activate a more socially and ecologically aware citizenship. Her works are strongly linked to current social-ecological issues and form bridges of thought and practice between disciplines. To read more about her work and to connect to some of her projects go to:

Vinayak Rampure, a participating artist in Galleria, completed G.D. Art (Sculpture) from Bharti Kala Mahavidhyalaya, Pune in 2007. As a student, he won several awards in inter college and college competitions. After passing out of college, he has had live demonstrations of sculptures at various places. He has participated in various group shows and is trying to create a niche for himself in the art world. The artist resides and works in Pune.

Sukanta Das, born in 1973 in Kolkata is a graduate from Rabindra Bharti University and will present his work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. His figurative paintings are very soft and subtle. He says that he gets inspiration from the human body & nature. He usually paints their relationship and portrays their dependence on each other in subtle hues and tone.

He says that “the blissful co existence of nature and humans underlines the story of love in my canvas. Through the mythological codes and essence, they fabricate a new world of symbolic fantasy and reflects their inner soul and desires”. Sukanta has exhibited his works all over the world and has many solo shows to his credit. The expression of the figures reflects lot of inner peace and tranquility.

Bhupender Sharma creates his art from the sensitive center of himself, exploring vibrant colours that are metaphors for the complex energies within him. He will showcase his work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. His visual expression in this series of work reflects a process of becoming rather than a finished form. He studies in the Swaraj University in Udaipur and has recently completed a short creative internship at Gyaan Adab.

Samarin Sayed is a Visual Artist whose paintings take form when colours and strokes interact, using the artist as a medium. Not bounded by any one medium, she experiments through inks, watercolours, oils, acrylics, charcoal and anything that interests her. She's a Bachelor in Fine Arts and currently works as a Visual Art Teacher for IB at D. Y. Patil International School, Pune. She will be presenting her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

Smita Marathe is an accomplished artist whose work deals with abstract symbolism, and will showcase her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. She has been painting for over a decade and has secured a diploma in commercial art from the prestigious Abhinav Kala Maha Vidyalaya. Her medium of art is oil paints on canvas or paper. In her opinion, she leans towards portraying women and their relationship with the world in her paintings.

Ekta Kumar is a self-taught artist who believes that art is an essential form of self-expression, and will showcase her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. A Chartered Accountant and a graduate from IIM Calcutta, she moved away from a routine of PowerPoint presentations to explore her artistic side. It was then that she discovered that painting is a magical process that let her see the world differently. Her medium is acrylic paint on canvas. This is the artist’s first exhibition.

Anisha Kotibhaskar is an artist who has dealt with communication in the corporate sector. However, with time, she discovered that her true calling is to communicate through art. She is a painter who aims at creating works of art that are suggestive rather than representative.So far, she has worked with acrylic paint on canvas and is extremely generous with the usage of textures in her work. Anisha has recently completed a short but intense visual arts mentorship at Gyaan Adab,and will showcase her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

Originally from Nagpur, Chetana Sudame now lives in Pune, and will be showcasing her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. She has a number of solo and group shows in India and the UK to her credit and her work is in private collections in India and abroad.

The artist has tried to reproduce her thoughts and feelings about herself by using on acrylics on canvas and oil pastels on paper to create abstract forms. The search for herself and her identity vacillates between the echoes of Ko-hum (who am I) and So-hum (I know who I am) and cannot be expressed in traditional shapes and forms. Strongly influenced by Madhubani art earlier, Chetana moves towards pastel shades in this series.

Bhalchandra Mandke is a celebrated senior artist from India whose works are permanently on display at the Lalit Kala Academy and the National Gallery of Modern Art. We are proud to showcase his work in Galleria, Pune Bienanle 2017.

Mandke's virtuosity as an artist is apparent in the response of the viewer. His paintings always manage to take over the senses and leave one in a hypnotic state. The vibrant use of colour, the bold strokes and the crystal clear message are evident and add to the beauty of his work.

Painting people from different states of the country greatly influenced Mandke's idea of identity. He is of the opinion that elements in nature too have influenced the manner in which he introspects. Identity, according to the artist covers a large range of details. Much like the polarities that nature beholds-- a concept that has inspired many of his paintings.

Mandke is gloriously uninhibited in expressing his thoughts. His paintings have a storytelling quality that revolve around mysticism and the mysteries of the human mind. It serves as a stimulus for contemplation, pushing one to look for the treasures that lay within.

Saloni Soni, a participating artist in Not Just a Garden, Pune Biennale 2017, was born with an affinity for art. Even as a kid she has worked on small installations - mostly out of scrap and waste. She enjoys adventure sports like paragliding, mountaineering, trekking, hiking and canoeing. She is inspired from nature and its beauty in every little thing. Art to her is exploring the self. She has worked in mediums like bamboos, plastic and scrap. She wants people to see a different dimension to life in every aspect and tries to reflect it in her artwork.

Mukul Singh, who will participate in Not Just a Garden, discovered the artist in her when she sought and found comfort in art. Art to her is a way of communication, expression and sublimity. She believes in the saying 'cogito ergo sum', which means I think therefore I am. Her art is inspired by the Indian culture, history and its richness. She also extracts from Mother Nature, and finds solace in it. Her artwork is an outcome of her experiences with nature. She is a painter and has worked in mediums like bamboo, scrap, plastic for a few privileged installations.

Mugdha Martin, a Pune based visual artist will be a part of Not Just A Garden in Pune Biennale 2017. She has a degree in fine arts. She believes that the process of a painting is more blissful than the painting itself. Starting with an empty space, a story arises from it. The magic of creating lines, forms and tones subconsciously is what she enjoys the most.

Her love for abstract comes from her love for nature. She is highly inspired by the natural rawness, roughness, forms and colours. She has not limited her art to any specific medium of expression. They include painting, pen work, site specific art, print making and photography.

Deepali Parmar, an artist participating in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, is also a writer, theaterist and creative counsellor who has passionately engaged with the arts and literature over the past 3 decades. Her art is informed by the sensory experiences and creative emergence and how these translate into inter-personal relationships between people, spaces and environments. Influenced by the lives of indigenous communities and children she continues to examine the nature of creative transference. Her art has been exhibited in solo and group shows in India and USA since 1999.

With education and practice in interior design and architecture for 15 years, Deepali committed to fulltime involvement with art and education in 2001. She has taught several creative and literary subjects at schools, colleges and organisations - tribal and urban. Her present series has emerged from explorations through the senses and how they may or may not connect body mind and space. Deepali's techniques of water-color explore how opaque and transparent images can be layered to give a sensory experience and a sense of space and belonging.

Born in New Delhi, Pravleen Chugh, a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, has had the opportunity from a very young age to live in various cities. This introduced her to diverse cultures, an exposure which helped develop her interest in people and how they live.

An avid film buff from childhood, she went on to pursue a degree in Filmmaking from Kingston University, London and a diploma in Photography from Fergusson College, Pune. With a keen interest in psychology and philosophy, her work leans towards documenting the uncensored reality.

Apart from films and photography she is also an artist and ceramist. She currently resides in Pune, India.

Manisha Vedpathak, a participating artist in Galleria, is a contemporary artist, who recently relocated to her hometown Pune in India, after a stay of over two decades in West of Africa.

Art has been her passion since childhood but it was only after coming to Africa in 1994, with husband and first child, that she started thinking of developing her artistic abilities. Being a self-taught artist, after ten years of study and hard work, her images have evolved over the years from realism to abstraction. Now abstracts, figurative and occasionally nonrepresentational work are her fortes. Her artworks, influenced by the vibrant African culture, are a colourful combination of shape and texture and include complex compositions that hold their own individuality throughout each painting. Her engineering background is seen through the use of geometric shapes.

Her paintings were exhibited internationally (NEW YORK, ITALY, CZECH REPUBLIC and GHANA) as well as locally. They are in private collection worldwide.

Aboli Shah, presenting in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, studied Bachelors in Design from Raffles Design International, Singapore. She specialized in furniture design (Milan, Italy). She has also studied Psychology and her thesis talks about the effects of design on human thinking.

A practicing artist since 2012, she has presented at various art festivals over the country such as Kalaghoda (Mumbai), IIT TECH Fest (Powai, Mumbai ), Kochi Biennale, Pune Biennale (2015) to name a few and has also been a part of the Milan design expo 2015.

Cyrus Wadia will showcase his work in Galleria, Pune Biennale Foundation.

Born in Mumbai, India on June 10th 1966, Cyrus was always a visually oriented person and knew very early that he wanted to create visuals that transcended the apparently visible into the hidden agenda of subconscious feelings and emotions expressed by them. He studied Fine Art in the U.S. at the Columbus College of Art and Design where he received the Ohio Watercolor Society’s Student Scholarship Award in 1995. He returned to Pune, India in 1996 and has been painting, teaching and working in related commercial fields ever since.

Ruve Narang, one of Not Just A Garden artists, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, has created thought provoking artworks with an array of mediums. She plays with the fusion of light and colors; its transparency and light-reflecting qualities. She has conceptualized art forms where change is distinct from fusion and separation. Since the beginning of her painting career, she has pushed her limits on various amalgamated mediums like pen illustrations, graphic design, glass work and projection of film on painted canvas. Travelling, exploring and exposure to different cultures have played a vital role in her art. With artworks conceived of trial and error and an engineering mind, Ruve hopes to reach out to open minds and those living in the closet.

Avinash Motghare, presenting in Galleria for Pune Biennale 2017, completed his B.F.A. Drawing and Painting, from Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur and M.F.A. Painting (Printmaking), at Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai.

His graphic prints are rooted in the premise of personal experiences and reflect the current condition of the society. Since the surrounding environment is a major influencing factor, most of his artworks are based on classification and changes in the society.

Born 1973, Ushmita Sahu, who will present her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, has done her B.F.A.(Painting) from Delhi College of Art & M.F.A. (Painting) from Kala-Bhavana, Visva- Bharati University, Santiniketan. A recipient of the National Scholarship of the Govt. of India, Ushmita has numerous shows to her credit. Her most recent solo titled White Noise was exhibited with Kalakriti Gallery, Hyderabad, July 2016.

Ushmita also works as an independent curator and writer, regularly contributing articles on art to various national and international journals and magazines. She was recently invited to participate in a writing project with the Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa, December 2016. Ushmita lives and works from Santiniketan, West Bengal, India.

Varsha Kharatmal who will present her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, is a trained artist, and has held art shows across India. A hearing impaired artist, Varsha Kharatmal's happy, beaming smile bespeaks her bubbling enthusiasm and exuberance for life. A painter of extraordinary sensitivity and skill, her art speaks for her, expressing all that she cannot say in words.

She has exhibited in many group shows around the country. She has a list of awards to her credit. Most recent on is Shri D.V.Halbhavi National Award-2016 and also Yuva Kuncha Kalshree National Award.

Born in Hyderabd but now Delhi-based Arpitha Reddy is a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. A student of JNTU college of Fine Arts, Hyderabad and holding a Masters from Hamidia college, Bhopal, Arpitha has been awarded Rastriya Puraskar at Kalidasa Vishvavidhyalaya for traditional painting in 2012. She has also participated in festivals and camps across India including “International woman artists camp” at the platinum jubilee celebrations of Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad 2016, International Art Festival” Jaipur, 2013, Chitranagari” and International Mural camp, Kottayam, Kerala.

A solo show “Dhyanam My Inner Journey” at Atlanta USA, “VISUAL CONVERSATION” held in five cities starting with Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal are also to her credit. She has also held numerous group exhibitions in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Pune, Bhopal, Abu Dhabi and USA.

Ramchandra Kharatmal, a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, holds a degree in Painting and Art Education. Has participated in several solo and group shows in national and international exhibitions and has won several awards at State and National levels. He has also won several scholarships. Many of his works belong to collectors from countries like U.S.A, Germany, Kenya, Hongkong.

Nasik born Deepak Sonar, who will showcase his work in Galleria during Pune Biennale 2017, studied G.D. ART from Abhinav Kala Mahavidhyalaya and completed his Diploma in Art Education from Sir JJ School Of Art (Mumbai).

Starting with figurative paintings in his initial years, slowly the figures vanished and the background became more prominent and his style lead to abstraction. His paintings are characterised by softness and sensuality - an outcome of several layers of paint.

He has exhibited his artworks in various solo and group shows all around the world and has 10 solo shows to his credit. He has also curated several shows and has won several awards and scholarships. His paintings are collected by several individuals and corporate houses in India and abroad.

Rahul Narwane, presenting in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, focuses on the consious self-search involved in the process of painting which runs common among all art practices. When he chooses a surface like canvas or paper, it becomes one with space; shapes enter into space and this process of formation is painting to him. Being present at that moment of formation, means thinking about painting.

Sachin Bonde, presenting in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, completed his B.F.A (Drawing & Painting) and from M.F.A (Printmaking) from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai and also received a fellowship from his alma mater.

His works study irony. Using proverbs, in Marathi, he tries to connect political borders, national flags, symbol’s of power or of nations with the underlying map of oil, by likening petrol pump nozzles to elephant trunks. In addition, a graph tracks the production of oil in the world and the centrality of oil to the debates on the coming referendum.

Through his interest in archaeology and political history, he also re-appropriates objects to satirize nihilism of right-wing politics, creating intricate sculptures that contain the politics of their materiality.
Art is a medium for him to respond to his surroundings; responses that stem from his fascination with how humans are inspired and dependent on animals. He gains inspiration also from myths, proverbs and sciences that relate to animals, as well as the economic change, globalisation and mall culture.

Prasad Nikumbh, who will showcase his work under the Galleria project of Pune Biennale 2017, completed his B.F.A. (Painting) from Govt. School Of Art, Aurangabad and M.F.A. (Printmaking) from Sir J.J.School Of Art, Mumbai.

His work is an attempt to shift the understandings of what is important and characteristic about the art process from its physical manifestations in the ‘expressive object’ to the process in its entirety. He focuses on this process, whose fundamental element is no longer the material ‘work of art’ but rather the development of an ‘experience’. An experience, being personal, affects your life due to which these theories assume importance in our social and educational life. Coming from a family which finds their livelihood through stitching, he is fascinated to show his observations through his work form.

Born at Moirang, Manipur, M.Thomas Singh successfully completed M.F.A. with a Gold medal from Rabindra Bharati University in 1999. He will present his work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017. He has many research grants and awards to his credit. A participant of multiple workshops, artists camps and exhibitions all over the country, he is presently a faculty member of Department of Graphic Art, Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan.

An alumnus from National institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Falguni Gokhale will showcase her work in Galleria during Pune Biennale 2017. With approximately 25 years of design experience, she is also a specialist in communication and visual branding. Her rich experience in many areas of design, like branding, packaging, user interface design for software and publications has won her design company many national and international awards.

Falguni is also an artist and illustrator. She works on canvass, mixed media, fiber glass and copper.
She has held solo and group shows in Pune, Mumbai, Singapore, Johannesburg (India Festival). She also exhibited at the Curators show - UNITED ART FAIR, Delhi in 2013.

Pandurang Tathe, born in 1961 in Pune is an artist of extraordinary conviction and vision. He received his Government Diploma in painting in 1984 from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya and M.F.A Painting in 2016. His first solo show was held at the Jehangir Art Gallery in 1991. He has shown extensively in India and abroad and his work is widely recognized and awarded. From 1984 to 1988 in the span of 4 years he has won several prestigious awards.

Prof. Tathe is considered as one of the first rank abstractionist of our country. His work is part of several private as well as institutional collections, including the Bharat Bhavan (Bhopal) and Lalit Kala Academi (New Delhi). Prof. Thate lives in Pune and is a assistant lecturer at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya.

We are glad to have him as part of Galleria in Pune Biennale 2017!

Abhijeet Shinde: (1971) completed G.D. Art (Drawing & Painting) from Kalawishwa Mahavidyalaya, Sangli in 1992. Abhijeet has exhibited his works in and out of country. He is an award winner at Hyderabad Art Society (1992). He has attended several art camps and the most recent one was at Lonavala 2016 by Art heart. His style is unique and so are his thoughts. He is a very spiritual and simple person.

Kavita Nair will present under Galleria participatory project as part of Pune Biennale 2017. Her recent work is based on a belief that life is harmoniously symbiotic. A seed is buried in a womb and nourished by the mother through the umbilical cord. This cord is firmly bound to the fetus like the verdant stem holding the lotus up to bloom. These links and their power are reflected in her work through the womb, the fetus and the lotus; the mother is present in the form of the narrator - the artist herself.

Rajesh Shirodkar, a mechanical engineer, graduated from Bharati Vidyapeeth, will present two sculptures - Migration of a Family and Mother and Daughter, this year under the Moving Art/Spaces project. He is highly passionate about sculpture, even though he doesn’t hold a degree from an art college. One of Pune Biennale’s Project Directors, Popat Mane, helped and encouraged Rajesh Shirodkar to participate in Pune Biennale 2015 with his first work - a ROBOCOP. With the working background in the land development business, the artist is interested in construction and fabrication. He loves to experiment with the structure, so you can see some movement in his works.

Taniya Vaidya, who will be a part of Galleria, has focused for a decade on creating contemporary paintings using ancient natural dyeing techniques. Taniya has a Masters in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), USA (2013) and the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University of Baroda (2003). In 2005-06, she was awarded the Lalit Kala Academy of Art scholarship for Artists.

Nitin Mahadeo Thakare has been participating in Pune Biennale since 2013. This time he is working on Moving Art /Space Project in creating sculptures from junk that relate to Migration.

He was born in Yavatmal, India, and studied GD Art Sculpture in Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. He had participated in competitions held by various respected organisations like South Central Zone Cultural Centre, State Art of Maharashtra and got awards in both competitions. The artist believes in handling various mediums while working on sculptures. He usually likes to work on art which conveys a story and has conducted various workshops for art lovers as well.

Nikhil Rajendra Karoshi will explore the subject of Migration through the medium of Junk to create sculptures in Moving Art/Spaces project at Pune Biennale 2017. He has been a part of Pune Biennale 2015 as well.

Having a degree in Sculpture from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts, Pune, he has worked in many private companies as a graphic designer since 2010. Currently Nikhil is working as a freelancer for sculptures and graphic designs. His sculptures got many awards and were exhibited in various shows like Bombay Art, Art Society of India, South Centre Cultural Zone, State Art of Maharashtra.

He relentlessly highlights the simple parts of life. The viewer can find his works conceptual and interesting due to the use of uncommon and unconventional media such as garbage for creating new sculptures.

Jitendra Thorat, who will present under Not Just a Garden project in Pune Biennale 2017, received MFA from Dept. of Fine Arts, Pune University. For the last couple of years the artist has been questioning the restriction and morals of the society on the issue of desires and women sexuality. Series of horses and series of provocative female nudes led his canvas, until the forms started getting mixed in the abstraction, rather simplification of colors and strokes.

His works are a response to a present entertainment mode as well as the rape culture in the society. Recently his focus has shifted to mixed media, installation, video-art and scrap materials. The artist is trying to give art a new look through his works, leaving behind traditional methods of using canvas and colours.

Born in 1981, Sanjay Tikkal, who will present his work in Not Just A Garden, graduated in 2003 in G.D. art painting from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay Pune. He has been working in the field of art for the past 16 years, being more interested in experimenting with various medias and subjects like installation, painting, mural and so on to express creative impetus.

Sanjay Tikkal is using culture, history, music, sculpture, guided by modern thoughts as an inspiration source to his painting. He has done 6 solo-shows, and 18 group shows. Currently he working as a college art professor, with an active participation in workshops, demonstrations and seminars for the past 10 years.

Artist Saurabh Sheth, who will showcase his work in Not Just a Garden, exhibits his artworks as comments on the lifescapes. Nurtured in the beautiful natural surroundings of Mahad in Konkan, he admires the everlasting impact of the alphabets of nature on his creative processes. Birds, animals and trees are his best companions and appear as preferred motifs in his art form. He has worked previously on the assemblage of diverse scrap materials to create artforms.

Saurabh presents his artworks as comment on the intersection of urban and tribal lifescape. Assemble and mold the resources as means of adaptation is common in both the lifescapes. The tribals build it upon the nature emphasizing on functionality while the urbans seek the synthetic substitutes that emphasizes opulence. Identifying the discords with this intersection, he points out the miniscule part of humans in the food chain against the swelled up animals as an outcome of nature’s attempt to seek the balance. The backbone of vigorous systems fossilizes mutely like a disowned school bench. The need of time is probably to muffle the amplified chaos of modernity and listen to the sweet tweets of birds

Aboli Kadam is a visual artist based in Pune with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking. Her paintings, drawings in ink, graphic prints and installations have evolved as a journey into discovering the essence of the inmost. She has recently exhibited her works in Art Fairs and Print Biennale across India, Italy, Spain, UK and Japan. Her creations in Bamboo are inspired and drawn from her sensitivity and sensibility towards the essence of nature, explorations in form and formlessness, transcending her works into experiences of contemplative forms and spaces.

Murali Raman (1958), who will be presenting in Galleria at the Pune Biennale 2017, is a self-taught Mumbai-based artist, curator, scriptwriter & poet. Figuratives, conceptual/ cerebral logic, tantra find expression in his acrylics/ oils on canvas and paper, charcoal, multimedia/animation, art installations, wall murals, fiber glass, video work, short films, photography and poetry. An MA in literature, PR and Indian Aesthetics, is a creative ad-man, now a marketing communication consultant, writing & painting. He has exhibited paintings, photographs & art installations in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi as well on online websites; and has commissioned work around the world. He is comfortable equally with very large canvases and murals as well as contained canvases and installation art. Murali loves to visit ancient ruins and art museums wherever he travels.

Rahul Khandol will present his work in Galleria at the Pune Biennale 2017.

  Horse is the most painted subject in the history of painting. Horse is a symbol of power, victory, wisdom, endurance, spiritual. As Rahul loves these qualities, here he connects his self to the subject.

Bina Sarkar Ellias is the curator for the Containers project under Moving Art/ Spaces Participatory Project.

She is founder, editor, designer and publisher of International Gallerie, since 1997, an award-winning global arts and ideas publication encouraging critical awareness and understanding of cultural diversity as interpreted through the arts. She is also a curator, poet and fiction writer and has been published in anthologies and online sites. Her book of poems ‘FUSE’ was recently launched in New York and at several Poetry Festivals. She has received a Fellowship from the Asia Leadership Fellow Program and Japan Foundation, 2007, towards research and development of the project, Unity in Diversity: Envisioning Community Building in Asia and Beyond, the Times Group Yami Women Achievers’ award, 2008, and the FICCI/FLO 2013 award for excellence in her work.

Arif Mahmood, based in Karachi, Pakistan, has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Otterbein College, Ohio USA. He started photography on his return to Karachi in 1985, areas of interest being photojournalism, portraiture and fashion. He has contributed editorial work for all major publications of Pakistan and international publications, including Newsweek, Khaleej Times, Gulf News, Arabian Women and Private Magazine. Mahmood has 25 publications to his credit, including limited edition portfolios and books. He has had 13 solo exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad, along with 56 group shows in various cities of the country and abroad. His photographs are also in the permanent collection of the museum of Fine Arts Houston USA. Mahmood is currently Chief Operating Officer at White Star Photo Private Limited.

Shahidul Alam, from Bangladesh, is a photographer, writer, curator and activist. He has been shown in MOMA New York, Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, Royal Albert Hall and Tate Modern London. A guest curator of Whitechapel Gallery, Musee de Quai Branly and Brussels Biennale, Alam was given the Shilpakala Award in 2015. He founded the Drik and Majority World agencies, Pathshala Institute and Chobi Mela festival. A speaker at Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Oxford and Cambridge universities and top museums, as well as TEDx, POPTech and National Geographic, Alam is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and visiting professor of Sunderland University in the UK and advisory board member of National Geographic Society and Eugene Smith.

Naila Mahmood is a Karachi, Pakistan-based documentary photographer and a visual artist. Her work revolves around the complexities of urban spaces and issues of human rights. She has exhibited her work in Pakistan, England, USA, Dubai and India. She teaches at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan. She is the Coordinator of Vasl Artists’ Collective.

Continuing her engagement with 'order in chaos', her corpus of work in Indian Ceramics since the 1970s with a unique sense of aesthetics with a rustic tinge is truly inspiring. Her work is a jugalbandi between the self and the elements, where she allows the fire to completely take over and is rarely disappointed in the end results.

Narayan Chandra Sinha, based in Kolkata, completed his Bachelors in Science from Calcutta University. He has held over 12 solo shows of his works since 2000. His recent works include; ‘Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata in 2008; ‘The Address’, Kolkata in 2008; ‘Sonar Bangla’, Kolkata in 2007; ‘Gufa Art Gallery’, Ahmedabad in 2006; ‘Jehangir Art Gallery’, Mumbai in 2005; ‘Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata in 2005.

He has also displayed his works at several group exhibitions, including; ‘Harmony Show’, Mumbai in 2006; ‘Birla Academy of Art & Culture-Open Air Painting Exhibition’, Kolkata in 2004; ‘Annual Exhibition of Birla Academy of Art & Culture’, Kolkata in 2003, 2005 & 2006; ‘Durga Exhibition (La Mera), Kolkata in 2002 & 2004.

Adam Lach is co-founder of Napo Images and Vice President of Napo Foundation.  He has been published by Newsweek Poland, 2006-2013, and also The New York Times, Le Monde, L’espresso, Die Zeit, International Herald Tribune, Solid Ground, Newsweek, Le’Magazine, Svenska Dagebladet, amongst others. Winner of numerous photo contests, his photo essays were shown at prestigious international exhibitions, including Polka Galerie at HSBC in Paris, the Prague Biennale and the World Photojournalism Festival in Beijing. He has taught Press Photography and Reportage and New Media at the Institute of Journalism at the University of Warsaw, 2010-2012.

Katarzyna Lach graduated from University of Warsaw in the field of Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication with major in Press, Advertising and Editorial Photography. She received her master’s degree in film production from National Film School in Lodz.

She has been coordinator of the project “The Way We Are”, 2013 when she also created her first individual project in the form of a book ‘Near/Obok” concerning identity and openness of non-heterosexual people and the problems they’re dealing with in their everyday life. She has also directed music videos and art events during international conventions in Warsaw while being engaged with sound production and post-production.

Ketaki Sheth, based in Mumbai, was committed to black and white photography, chemistry, and silver gelatin prints until 2014, when dwindling analogue supplies forced her transition to digital photography and colour. She won the Sanskriti Award for Indian Photography in 1992, and in 2006 the Higashikawa Award in Japan, for best foreign photographer. In 2008, she was honoured with a solo show ‘Bombay Mix’ at Fête du Livre in Aix-en-Provence. In 2015, the National Portrait Gallery, London, exhibited a selection of her Sidi photographs titled, ‘On Belonging: Photographs of Indians of African Descent’. Besides India, her work has been exhibited in Australia, France, Japan, Spain, UK & the USA. She is currently working on her fourth book in colour.

Kishor K. Sharma, based in Kathmandu, Nepal, is a self-taught documentary photographer from Kathmandu, Nepal. A freelance photographer since 2005, he has worked temporarily with Drik India in Calcutta in 2008/09 and at Photo.Circle, a platform for emerging and professional photographers in Kathmandu between 2011-2013. Sharma received a scholarship from the Danish Ministry of Education in 2013 and completed the Advanced Visual Storytelling course from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark. He was awarded with the Asia Prize in Photo City Sagamihara 14th General Photography Festival, Sagamihara, Japan, for his documentary work on Nepali nomads. His work has appeared in national and international publications and has been exhibited at various venues in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Finland, France, UK and Japan.

Marco Gualazzini based in Italy, began his career as a photographer in 2004, with his home town’s local daily, La Gazzetta di Parma. His recent works include reportage photography on microfinance in India, the media in Laos, discrimination of Christians in Pakistan, as well as on Myanmar and Somalia. He devised and took part in a documentary for the Italian national TV network RAI on the caste system in India. His photographs have been published in magazines such as M [Le Monde], Internazionale, Io Donna and Sette among others. He was awarded the second position for the war photography category ‘Prix de la Photographie’, 2013, and the First Prize, Marco Luchetta - Miran Hrovatin 2013, besides the Getty Images Grant, Editorial Photography Recipient 2013.

Moska Najib currently based in Singapore, was born in Kabul in Afghanistan and moved to Delhi in 1992. She has been taking photographs for several years and her photos have appeared in numerous publications, including the BBC News website. Najib graduated with a degree in journalism from Switzerland after which she worked for the BBC in Delhi as a producer and correspondent, travelling extensively to many parts of South Asia, reporting through film and photography. She is interested in subjects that interpret her view of the world.

Nazes Afroz currently based in New Delhi, was born in Bardhaman, West Bengal, India, and moved to London in 1998. A print and broadcast journalist from Kolkata, he has been a keen photographer for three decades. He started working for Aajkaal a newspaper in Kolkata before moving on to the BBC World Service in London where he lived for nearly fifteen years. Afroz has been documenting communities and people through his photographs, which have appeared in various publications and on the BBC and Al-Jazeera websites. He is passionate about exploring new places and people and capturing them through his lens.

Matic Zorman a freelance photojournalist was born in Slovenia. He is passionate about documentary projects and reporting issues through personal stories of victims impacted by conflict; stories that would otherwise be reported as a statistics. Matic’s motivation to stir and break the omnipotent apathy and injustice. Matic’s work was awarded by the World Press Photo in ‘The People’, single images category for his photo of a refugee girl waiting to register on the Balkan migration route in 2016. Matic was selected in the roster of Emerging Talents by Reportage by Getty Images in 2013 and attended NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Belgrade in 2015. He received the “Media Watchdog” title of honour for exceptional work in press photography by the Slovene Association of Journalists in late 2015. Among other recognitions, his imagery and reportage was awarded at the Balkan Photo Festival in 2016; in 2015 he was shortlisted for ‘Magnum Photos 30 under 30’ and also received a 3rd place in ‘Top News at The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Award’ in 2015. His work was selected for the ‘Best Reportage in 2012 and ‘Photo of the Year’ in 2015, at Slovenia Press Photo.

Pablo Bartholomew, is a New Delhi-based award-winning photojournalist and an independent photographer. Noted for his photography, he is also an educator, running photography workshops, and as manager of MediaWeb, a software company specialising in photo database solutions and server-based digital archiving systems. He was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2013, and received the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2014.

Rafeeq Ellias, is a Mumbai-based photographer and filmmaker with over 30 awards to his credit, including an Emmy for a series of UNICEF TV commercials as well as two National Awards for his BBC-documentary, ‘The Legend of Fat Mama’ on the Chinese community in Kolkata. He began his career in advertising in India and in Japan. As a cinematographer and director, his documentaries include ‘Beyond Barbed Wires: A Distant Dawn’, documenting the testimonies of a group of Indian Chinese who were arbitrarily incarcerated in an old POW camp in Deoli, Rajasthan in the aftermath of the India-China war in 1962. He is currently working on a documentary on the trajectory of EPW, the iconic political weekly.

Ricardo Fonseca, based in New York, U.S., has been a graphic artist for more than 20 years. He earned his MFA from New Jersey City University (Jersey City, New Jersey, USA) and his BFA from William Paterson University (Wayne, New Jersey, USA). He has been a graphic designer, web designer and photographer at Kean University (Union, New Jersey, USA) for more than 14 years. He received design awards from the Arts Directors Club of New Jersey (ADCNJ) in 2010, 2011 and 2012. As a freelancer, he provides artistic consulting and creative solutions in design, fine art and photography.

Saiful Huq Omi, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a photographer, filmmaker and activist who started his career in photography in late 2005, after his master’s degree in EEE. Omi has been exhibited in over 20 countries and has been published in many major international publications. Besides numerous awards, he has received the Magnum Foundation's grant for two consecutive years.  Omi established Counter Foto, a photography institution in 2013, opposing various human rights violations and state sponsored violence.  Counter Foto now operates from Dhaka and Chittagong, besides having branches in Kolkata and from its upcoming Latin American Office in Columbia. 

Samar S. Jodha, based in Delhi and Dubai, is an artist who, over the last 20 years, has been using photo+film+installation art to address various issues such as development/human rights/conservation. Among several significant projects in India and overseas, Jodha was invited by Amnesty International to install  ‘BHOPAL: A Silent Picture’, in a 40-foot container during the London Olympics, to showcasing ‘OUTPOST’ (a pictorial trope of discarded containers fashioned into habitat by miners in India's pristine Northeast), at the 55th Venice Biennale; ‘Phaneng’,  his award-winning portraiture project about the disappearing Tai Phake, a Buddhist tribe in India’s northeast, included capacity building projects such as education, textile revival and help build a monastery.

Sooni Taraporevala, is a Mumbai-based photographer who became a screenwriter who became a filmmaker. Currently she practices all three with great pleasure.

Leena Kejriwal, a Kolkata-based photographer and installation artist, has been brand ambassador for Fuji India and an artist in residence in France in 2006/07. Besides being published in various publications, her seminal work “Calcutta: Repossessing the City”, published by Om Books International, 2007, has been a best seller while other books to her credit are “In the Shadows” co-authored with Payal Mohanka, 2006 and “Flurys: The Cake That Walked” by Bachi Karkaria. Her works were a part of Sotheby’s Spring Asian Art auction, 2009. She created a 2-part photography installation, titled “East City” for The Birla Academy of Art and Culture in 2010. The show travelled to New Delhi as “Entropic Sites”, 2011, and to Iran as “I Saw That Which Remained Unseen”, 2011. The last version of this work was shown in a group show in Berlin in 2012, titled “When Violence Became Decadent” and in Weimer in Germany, 2013. Her work is a critical reflection of her concern with human trafficking and has found a new language in the public art work “MISSING”.

Yasmine Kabir is an independent filmmaker based in Bangladesh. Her films have been seen worldwide and have received many awards and acclaim. Her filmography includes 'Death Chant', 1992, 'A day at the Embassy', 1996, 'For Solaiman', 1997, 'A Mother's Lament', (Duhshomoy), 1999, 'My Migrant Soul' (Porobashi Mon Amar), 2000, 'A Certain Liberation' (Shadhinota), 2003, and 'The Last Rites', 2008.

Ashwini Pethe is a professor at Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture. She is actively engaged with social trusts like Janaseva Foundation and professional bodies such as IIA, FEED and Constro. Being an urban designer she has been contributing to the city's public spaces in various ways. She was one of team members who designed Pune Arts Plaza at the Bund Garden Bridge. Most importantly she has groomed the movement of Pune Biennale, since its inception, in the capacity of convener and program director.

An Interior designer by profession and founder of Design Guidance , Rashmi Naik is In-charge of executions for Pune Biennale 2017. She considers her projects as art extensions of her art form. Having worked on various residential, commercial projects and corporate offices, Design Guidance follows a unique style based on an ideology towards the design requirement and experiences as sensual, dynamic environment.

Rashmi conducts practical training workshops for students of interior designing. As a member of IID she wishes to contribute in Design education to change the perception and bring respectability to the profession.

Being a scientific vastu expert she also conducts training and workshop on basic scientific vastu.

Balasaheb Nathu Chaudhari, a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, concedes that each of his artworks in its unique form is but the discovery of his own essence. The nature of abstraction in his work is not steady. Measuring the limit of his medium helps to realize his creative passions in visual forms.

He upholds that the medium for artistic expression does not only constitute the material objects outside the artist. The artist's own state of mind is also an integral part of the medium. Thus, he believes that if the change on the outside is not accompanied by the change of the mental state then creative expression is partial.

Filomina Pawar is a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

Born on 3rd Jan 1968 in Maharashtra, India, Filomina Pawar believes that she is an artist by chance, not by choice. At the age of 30years, she was fortunate to engage with artists and architects. This creative involvement resulted in a genuine interest in arts, ultimately leading her on to study 20th Century Western art.

Since then, art is a way of life for her. She begins the process of developing ideas with an openness which allows a string of ideas to surface. She also believes in giving in completely to these ideas so that the mind and the body are completely involved in producing a work of art.

Amisha, a graduate in Applied Art's and presenting her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, pursued her career as a Visual & Calligraphic Artist in Advertising agencies. Subsequently, from training children for Art Exams to experimenting with graffiti and art expressionism, she explored the human psyche through Aura and Soul colours and their manifestation in the present lifetimes under the purview of a deep science known as Colour Therapy.

Her passion for colours, art and music continued to create paintings with the healing values of colour. A strong belief in the power of creation and aesthetics, led to creating furniture installations, home styling accessories and art installations to Healing Spaces. Currently, through art and colours, she is exploring human survival instincts, attempting to cross the boundaries of 'Life' & 'Death' and to learn to overcome and rise, in spite of our goal in this lifetime.

In 2009, she initiated a unique movement known as ' Colour Dance', a combination of Colour, Art and Music and ever since has been conducting workshops at the Kalaghoda Art Festival, Byculla District jail, Yerwada District Jail, Tata Memorial hospital and other prestigious Corporates.

Makrand Jadhav will showcase his work in Glleria as part of Pune Biennale 2017. He has a Masters in Arts from Sir.J.J.School of Art, Mumbai. He lives in Pune currently and is a Professor at Abhinav Kalamahavidyalaya, Pune.

He has held many group shows, solo shows, workshops and installations in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad to name a few. Twelve years ago, while listening to a discourse on meditation and life, he was inspired to paint the Buddha. Since then he has been creating artworks based on Gautama Buddha and his life. The more he reads the more he is inspired by all the aspects of Buddhism. He likes to use earthy colours in his works, which creates an aura of peace about them.

Ramesh Gujar Born in 1969, Ramesh Gujar lives in Pune, Maharashtra and will be part of the Galleria project in Pune Biennale 2017. He studied at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya. He did many group shows across the country and abroad. Ramesh Gujar depicts the vitality of everyday life in his art works. His theme ranges from village scenes to festivals and religious celebrations woven through the depiction of emotions of joy, merriment, amazement and determination. The canvases are enriched through the use of vibrant colours and realistic themes, which can be comprehended by all.

Roopa Deodhar will be a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

Born and brought up in Pune, Roopa Deodhar completed her art education (GD Art Applied) from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay, Pune, with rank 1 in 1982.
After 2 years of experience as a visualiser in agencies like Lintas and Contour in Mumbai, she returned to Pune and started working as a freelance graphic designer.

Roopa has designed, as well as written; main concepts copies of various communication materials for different pharmaceutical and construction companies. She also designed house magazines for several industries around Pune and created fund-raising brochures for social organizations.

Photography is Roopa’s hobby, along with teaching and traveling.

Amrita Katara holds a Masters degree in Media and Communications and a Bachelors degree in Economics and Studio Art. Her skills were honed through several courses at the University of the Arts London. She is currently pursuing her passion for the visual arts under the guidance of artist Sujata Dharap. Amrita expresses herself best through painting and illustrations, and has explored various mediums including ink, charcoal and watercolour, that allow her to creatively portray her spontaneous inspirations and views of everyday life. She also enjoys bringing other people’s visions and ideas to life. Amrita has also explored 3D forms and worked with clay.

Janaki Lele will be presenting her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

An Architect, an obsessive recycler and a Paper Artist, Janaki is a Pune-bred artist, who currently calls Australia home. Her creations are a result of her endless explorations with the humble paper, whose fragility and flexibility is both a challenge and an inspiration for her work. She strives to create art that will incite amusement and curiosity in its viewers but leave an undemanding and modest footprint on the planet.

Ankeet Gujar, who will be part of Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, is an artist whose work is highly influenced by Indian tradition and spirituality. He draws from the constant changing nature of life and moulds his memories and perspectives accordingly by constant conscious involvement in life. A deep understanding of the Self and the Soul has stemmed from constant new experiences which are expressed slowly and steadily, but maturely to a superior level through his practice.

He expresses his spirituality in his own way through paintings and has found a source of Energy in altruistic intentions and behavior.
His paintings are a representation of being cultural and traditional or at times conceptual. Each painting has a unique thought behind it. He relates to each visual as a process of building his own thoughts within a level of realization, at moments attached or detached to the space.

Eric G. C. Weets, who will be a part of Galleria during Pune Biennale 2017, was born on 3rd August 1951 in Merksem, Belgium. He resides in Asia sine the last 25 years, mostly in India, currently in Pune.

Human interactions inspire him and he is intrigued to see that people, who come from one tribal group, can have such different lifestyles and beliefs, after so many thousands of years. He observes the world from a distance and watches these chaotic relationships and interactions between people.

He wants to highlight the compactness, the intricate, complex inter-connectedness, the differences of world population and how he looks at it. He wishes to bring forth the complexity of everything and how "everything" cannot live with or without each other.

Through these semi-automatic drawings, he expresses how people are close to and distant from each other, simultaneously. He depicts, how one's action influences the behavior of someone else.  The complex and sometimes bizarre behavior between people and the strong influence of the past on the present fascinates him. His work is inspired from such complex, reciprocal actions and effects.

Meera George will be a part of Galleria in Pune Biennale 2017.

Part of the new generation of Indian artists under forty for whom art has no national boundaries, Meera George’s installations and multi-media artworks have had an international impact in a remarkably short time. After graduating in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art and a Masters from the University of Kent, England, she was exposed to an international audience very early on. Recipient of five international art grants and residencies she has travelled, exhibited and conducted workshops throughout the globe.

Meera’s works are sensitive to gender and cross-cultural issues and at the same time are strongly autobiographical. The artist uses herself as props in her creative works. Her art reflects a synthesis of various visual styles juxtaposed with a personal narrative. Today, alongside her art practice she runs Class Art Studio in Pune, introducing art with a different sensibility to adults and children.

Anagha is part of the Inclusive Art project in Pune Biennale 2017.

She is the founder and director of Mruda ( After completing graduation in sculpture from Sir.J.J.School of Art, Mumbai (India), Anagha did masters in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology. Through her doctoral research, she has conceptualized educational models combining various forms of art and archaeology together for teaching students about cultural processes. She has been working in the field of pedagogy since last 9 years. As being an artist and archaeologist she has taken many experimental lectures and workshops at renowned schools and institutes in India.

Architect Kavita Murugkar is the co-ordinator for Pune Biennale 2017 Inclusive Art project.

An associate professor at the Dr B N college of Architecture in Pune, is a strong proponent of Universal Design and has set up a Research and Training Centre for Universal Design at BNCA for promoting people centric and inclusive design education and practice. She is empanelled as an Accessibility Expert and Access Auditor by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and the Department for Empowerment of People with Disabilities. She has also received the NCPEDP-MPHASIS UNIVERSAL DESIGN AWARD 2014, for her work to promote accessibility and Universal Design in the built environment and has been felicitated by the Indian Institute of Architects, A3 Foundation Chandigarh as also the Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture with the Best Teacher's Award for her outstanding contribution to architectural education.

Ruby Jhunjhunwala will invite visitors in her work-space for a studio visit under My city/My Art Participatory project.

Observing worker's in her father's glass manufacturing unit as a child, Ruby Jhunjhunwala was enchanted by the glass manufacturing process, by the dynamics of fire on the raw materials changing form and colour. Ruby holds a degree in Science and after meeting the internationally renowned ceramic artist Daniel Rhodes, she further studied glass blowing texhniques at Alfred University, New York. Her work and training includes collaboration with many renowned potters from "Delhi Blue" such as Gurchan Singhji and Mansimran Singji.

Continuing her engagement with 'order in chaos', her corpus of work in Indian Ceramics since the 1970s with a unique sense of aesthetics with a rustic tinge is truly inspiring. Her work is a jugalbandi between the self and the elements, where she allows the fire to completely take over and is rarely disappointed in the end results.

Kanchan Shelke is a Pune-based artist who will contribute to the Inclusive Art participatory project.

With a Masters in Clinical Psychology, she is actively involved in the area of child development, art and counselling. She is the Founder director of Artisan's Perch: a centre for child development through different art forms, which she has been running successfully since 4 years. A practising artist, and having worked as a clinical psychologist with Dr.VasudeoParalikar, Dr NiketKasar and Dr NitinDalaya, she is currentlyattached as a child psychologist at the Blossoms Child guidance clinic and deals with patients with different psychological disorders.

She is also a trained a classical (Kathak) dancer.

Ketaki Pimpalkhare (25 September 1977) is an Indian painter and will conduct a children's workshop in the Inclusive Art project in Pune Biennale 2017.

Ketaki has exhibited solo and group in India and also internationally. She has experimented in various mediums and has been showing for the past 16 years.

Veena pursued a formal degree and training as an architect in her initial years. She then decided to move on from architecture and follow other passions borrowing on the design sensibilities and the aesthetic sense she developed during those years. This journey, took her to Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry where she trained in wood and Anagama fired ceramics. Veena has since then, had various opportunities to exhibit her work internationally and in India and also take part in various international residencies and symposiums.

Teaching being one of her main passions, she dove tails her time between teaching architecture at the University and moulding visions in clay at her studio in Pune.

Pooza Kataria is a spatial artist and graduated from University of Pune with Bachelors degree in Architecture in 2013. Her artistic journey began with research on ‘Notions of Meditative Experiences’ during her MA in Interior and Spatial Design at University of Arts London, UK, where pieces like ‘Childhood Wood’ and ‘Blue Elude’ transpired and were very well received. Her installation ‘Found Beyond’ helped her bag the first place under visual arts category at the prestigious Kalaghoda Art Festival 2016.

Her work mainly comprises of colossal installations with the central theme of spatial experience, personal and social narratives. Currently, she is feeding her passion of art and design through her studio, ‘Dhi Atelier,’ which encompasses  her architectural and interior design practice along with her art experiments.

Born and brought up in Pune, Komal pursued her childhood passion to graduate from Sir J.J. School of Art (B.F.A.), Mumbai in 2003.

Her style includes minimalistic design and use of bold colours is a characteristic of her work. She derives inspiration from her travels. Every series has a new subject. One can see freshness in the subjects, style and application in her work.

She has had several solo and group shows all over India in her 13 years as an artist. Her work has not only been chosen for All India Women Artists exhibition in Chandigarh, but has also travelled overseas for Indian artists shows in Jakarta, Indonesia several times. It gives her immense pleasure to exhibit in her hometown as part of Galleria, Pune Binenale 2017. Her constant endeavour is to produce images with rich and vibrant colours, which are attractive and appeal to the viewers.

A trained fashion designer, Vaishali Rajapurkar has been intensely and passionately involved in art. Training under various renowned artists in Pune for the last 25 years, she has been studying and practicing different styles in painting like abstracts and figurative. She believes that one needs to be versatile and your own style will come naturally to you. She describes the process in her own person as “Abstract came to me as a catharsis and has stayed with me, taking me along known and unknown paths of discovery. At times soothing, at times disturbing, but at all times an integral part of me.”

Burhan Nagarwala, a participating artist in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017, completed his BFA from Bharti Vidyapreth College of Fine Arts and MFA from VIIT College of Fine Arts. He has presently established his studio in Pune. Burhan loves charcoal and acrylic as his medium to express his paintings and drawings.

He never fails to surprise with the different direction of subject in his paintings, symbolising a woman's identity in his work, which is extremely relevant today.

A creative and dedicated Visual Arts artist, teacher and an Art Based Practitioner committed to creating meaningful and stimulating art, Smita Raje Deshpande will showcase her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.
She instills self-expression in her abstracts. She has exhibited her work in the US, Baroda and Pune. She has also volunteered at Adult Mental Health center at Arlington, USA and at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital as an art practitioner for the pediatric cancer patients where she practiced bed side art activities. Her work extends to conducting 'Know Your Child Better with Art' workshops for teachers and parents at Pune as also designing and conducting 'Enhance Communication Skills and Personality using Art as a Tool', courses for management students in Pune.
As an art based Practitioner she has presented a paper titled “Application of the arts-based therapy for pre-adolescents adversely impacted by the circumstantial vulnerabilities" at Armed Forces Medical College, Pune at the 13th BIENNIAL CONFERENCE of the Indian Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (IACAM) in November 2015.
She also conducts Individual art therapy sessions, group therapy and individual sessions for learning abstract art through a therapeutic process. Brush, Palette and Coffee is her studio and Art Lane is her group which curates art.

Maitreya Yeshwant will showcase his work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.

What drove Maitreya, a student of IIT Kharagpur, to drop out of college and pursue music as a career is a surge of passion, which entranced and led him to the canvas. His vivid paintings are a result of his intense sense of self-awareness, and according to him, a creation of the divine. He says, “The joy that you get when you are not thinking, when you’re beyond the realms of the mind and are surprised by the divine pouring itself onto the canvas is inexpressible.”

Musician and painter, Maitreya expresses himself on canvas and sometimes, on handmade paper using powder colours, oils, acrylic and a wide variety of mixed media. His surfaces are large and dramatic, emoting internal energies.

Susan Lobo will showcase her work in Galleria, Pune Biennale 2017.
Born in Shillong, and raised in an army background, she traversed the length and breadth of India with her family during her early years. She is a Zoology major & qualified teacher from Cambridge University.

Susan's penchant for travel was kept alive by joining PanAm in its heyday, and this opportunity was further extended across international borders as a corporate wife, living in places as diverse as Japan, China, and the US.

Her Persona has progressed from an efficient airline trainer to a more empathetic mentor. She has taught Art, Math & Science to under privileged children in America & English to slum kids in Delhi.

She is a self-taught artist dabbling in Aqueous media from Water colors, Inks to Acrylics.