Participating Artists Registration Form

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Rules & Regulations

  1. Submission of artwork
    • Your artwork should respond to the theme "Identity and Self". Preference will be given to innovative and cutting-edge contemporary ideas
    • Artwork that you submit to Pune Biennale must be your own original concept and creation and not a copy of anyone else's copyrighted material.
    • Selected artwork will be displayed at the discretion of curators and coordinators of respective projects
    • Your artwork should not make any structural or permanent changes to the venue
    • Any medium for the artwork can be used: detail out the proposal as much as you can so that decision for inclusion may be arrived at faster.
    • The final authority to select the artwork lies with Pune Biennale Foundation (PBF).
    • There are no participation fees but prior registration is mandatory through website only
  2. Logistics
    • For out-station participants, 3-tier AC to and fro travel fare for artists to be reimbursed by PBF, on submission of copy of tickets; and accommodation will be provided for five working days (mainly during installation before the inauguration of Pune Biennale).
    • It is expected that the participants bring their final works and only installation to be completed at the venue of Pune Biennale- 2017. Please note that no production cost will be offered for any artworks. PBF will only cover the expenditure for installation. Period of reimbursement will be 30 days from the day of submission of the bills.
  3. All artwork will be publicised on PBF website and social media giving due credit to the artists.
  4. PBF will reserve all rights to publish the work.
  5. PBF shall arrange for the venue and volunteers required during installation. However, artists need to submit their requirement for assistance and volunteers two weeks in advance.
  6. Please note no material/specification other than mentioned in the approved proposal will be reimbursed by PBF.